Friday, October 06, 2006

I don't have a cd player in my 1995 Previa S/C (supercharged van.. ever heard about it?).
So that is why I even started to think about a mp3 player inside my car.
I could have just bought a MP3 player deck for my car.
BUT I have found out , where they tell you alot of information about
making a computer to be inside a car.

So I have found out:
I have an old 200MHz computer just sitting in my garage.
I have a 5 gig HDD I got from a friend ( I should say for the purpose of making this)
I got a DC to AC inverter at Fries.
I have seen how to hookup wirings in my car.

Excuse my bad grammar, but I am not good at English grammar(CS major, no essay hw for 4 years, do the math).


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